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Franciscan Health building ‘Walls of Gratitude’ for health care heroes

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — What started as a few notes of appreciation to health care workers on the front lines during the coronavirus pandemic, has become a community project for Franciscan Health Hospitals all over the country. The hospital group decided enough words of encouragement were available to put on display — it’s called the “Wall of Gratitude.”

Greg Williamson, executive director of Franciscan Health Foundation, has watched the project grow from the beginning. He says it’s something people working in the hospitals have needed while dealing with the heavy, new reality that comes along with COVID-19.

“Working at a hospital in a health care situation can be stressing even over the best circumstances,” he said. “Now with a global pandemic people are stressed, they’re worried about health, worried about their families and working long shifts under difficult circumstances. Their bodies and their minds are fatigued, but to see notes and cards and people offering prayers and thanks is going to lift the spirit, and we can’t underestimate that.”

He says the motivation to start building the walls of gratitude began at a Franciscan Health hospital in Michigan City, Indiana. The group’s largest campus, in Indianapolis, now has three walls of gratitude on display. Williamson also says any person of any age can get involved.

“Any positive message young or old it’s all welcome and it’s all appreciated,” he said. “As long as it’s heartfelt, please send it on. It’s really going to make someone else’s day.”

If you’d like to send a word of encouragement through a picture, work of art or even just a note, email Williamson at