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Get ready craver nation… today’s Tasty Takeout is for YOU!

Showtime may be at 4 p.m., but that doesn’t stop us from getting those late-night cravings…

Spoiler alert, White Castle is bringing us all the sliders, all the chicken rings, and all the fun for today’s segment of Tasty Takeout! In the studio with us, providing all the eats, are district supervisors Kurt Rose & Kelin Valadez. 

With a history spanning over a century, White Castle has been serving up sliders and smiles since September 13, 1921! Though they’ve solidified its place in the fast-food industry, the chain continues to evolve and innovate with their menu, setting them up for centuries to come!

New to their menu are the ‘Shake Parfaits’, a limited-time frozen dessert with two flavors, Caramel Butter Cake and Oreo Cookie! Both treats feature layers of cake or Oreo sandwiched between the restaurant’s famous milkshakes!