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Goody2Treats – Tasty Takeout

We hope you brought your sweet tooth to All Indiana today! For Tasty Takeout, Lauren Goodrich shared her love of baking and delicious Goody2Treats cupcakes with us!

Located at 1220 Waterway Blvd, Goody2Treats is whipping up unique and fun treats for every occasion. With an impressive 50 variations of cupcakes, as well as other desert classics, this Dessertery has whatever you’re looking for!

Founder Lauren Goodrich is the proud owner of Goody2Treats. She’s a self-taught baker, serving up sweetness the greater Indianapolis area. Goody2Treats started out as her hobby. However, it turned into a passion project that yielded a small business.

Lauren strives to make any party or experience exciting and delicious! Her and her staff are committed to quality, and the proof is in the pudding… err… cupcake!

Today, she shared a handful of Goody2Treats cupcakes with us, including red velvet, strawberries & cream, banana pudding, and so many more !

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