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Hammer and Nigel discuss Twitter’s blue check removal for non-paying users

Twitter has started removing blue verification check marks from users who have not paid for its subscription service to authenticate accounts. While this may seem like a big deal, for the hosts of the Hammer and Nigel show on WIBC, it’s not really that significant. They lost their blue check marks, but it didn’t change the way they use Twitter. They also have no intention of paying for the verification service.

However, some celebrities have raised concerns that people may mistake fake accounts for their real ones and buy unlicensed merchandise, causing them to lose money. For regular users, the loss of a blue checkmark doesn’t really affect their experience on the platform.

In contrast, Facebook users may be in for a payday. A $725 million class action lawsuit settlement has been reached, with Facebook users potentially receiving compensation for their private information being used by third parties without their consent. While some may argue that it’s common knowledge that Facebook uses personal data for targeted ads, third parties-mining that data without consent is a different matter entirely.

Ultimately, the decision to pay for a verification service or participate in a lawsuit is up to the individual. However, these recent developments do raise questions about the privacy and security of social media platforms and the value of personal information in the digital age.