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Hammer and Nigel Show: Is This Anything?

Social media has once again become the platform for a dangerous trend that has landed a Missouri teen in the hospital.

13-year-old Max attempted a viral challenge he saw online that involved overinflating a basketball, only to have the ball explode while he was standing over it. This incident has sparked a debate about the influence of social media and the responsibility of individuals to use common sense.

WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel, known for their commentary on local news, pointed out that this incident is not social media’s fault, but rather the result of Max’s own foolishness.

(WISH Photo)

They highlighted the history of dangerous challenges that have circulated on social media, ranging from eating Tide Pods to burning oneself on stove coils. They expressed frustration with the continued occurrence of such incidents despite repeated warnings and disclaimers.

Nigel went on to discuss the success of video game adaptations in the movie industry, citing the recent Super Mario Brothers movie as the highest-grossing movie of the year, surpassing other video game adaptations like World of Warcraft and Pokemon.

He emphasized the popularity of family movies and action movies with intense action while leaving politics out of the equation. He also mentioned the upcoming Pope’s Exorcist movie, which has generated interest and even inspired a dance craze called “Pope Lock and Drop It.”

The hosts said the success of these movies and challenges are indeed something to watch and discuss on social media platforms, but also urge individuals to use common sense and avoid dangerous stunts promoted on social media.

They emphasized the importance of personal responsibility and caution against succumbing to the lure of going viral at the expense of your own safety.