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Hoagies and Hops’ 7th Annual Hoagie-Eating Contest: Can You Conquer the 18-Inch Italian Hero Challenge?

Hoagie eating contest to benefit HVAF Indiana

Get ready for the ultimate gastronomic showdown!

Hoagies and Hops is back with its 7th Annual Hoagie-Eating Contest, and this year’s challenge is bigger and tastier than ever.

How fast do you think you can devour an 18-inch Italian hoagie?

Join us as we raise funds for HVAF of Indiana and put your eating skills to the test.

Tune in to hear Kristina Mazza from Hoagies and Hops and Emmy Hildebrand from HVAF of Indiana discuss the partnership and, of course, the epic hoagie-eating challenge itself.

It’s time to see who can claim the title of the ultimate hoagie hero!