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Inaugural Carmel Jazz Fest announces huge additions

(WISH Photo)

A wave of excitement sweeps through the studio as friends of the show, Blair Clark, the dynamic executive director of the Carmel Jazz Fest, and Ashley Ulbricht, the visionary Board President, take their places. The air crackles with anticipation, mirroring the vibrant energy that’s building up for the inaugural Carmel Fest. Set to grace the stage this upcoming Friday, August 11th, and Saturday, August 12th, this festival promises to be a cultural extravaganza like no other. Blair Clark’s wealth of experience and passion for jazz, coupled with Ashley Ulbricht’s visionary leadership, stands as a testament to the remarkable lineup and exhilarating experiences that festival-goers can anticipate.

The convergence of music and camaraderie awaits as the countdown to Carmel Fest begins. With Blair Clark’s rhythmic expertise and Ashley Ulbricht’s steadfast guidance, the festival’s inaugural edition is poised to resonate with the harmony of jazz and the spirit of celebration. As the festival dates draw near, the studio buzzes with conversations about the upcoming performances, workshops, and festivities, all of which will undoubtedly paint a vibrant tapestry of music, culture, and community, ensuring that Carmel Fest secures its place as a much-anticipated annual highlight.