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Indiana State Museum’s IMAX Theater reopens

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– The IMAX Theater at the Indiana State Museum is welcoming visitors once again.

“I’m just looking forward to people hopefully enjoying their movie, feeling a little more normal and having a good time again,” said Brian Hammes, downtown IMAX manager.

Customers will see several changes when they go back to the movie theater.

There will only be one ticket booth accepting cash and a majority of the ticket purchasing will happen online. There are also social distancing decals on the floor. Staff members will also be taking extra time to disinfect and clean the auditoriums between shows.

“Once you’re in the auditorium and your sitting down watching your movie, eating your popcorn and drinking your soda, you can take it off,” Hammes said. “We just ask you to wear it in shared spaces.”

The theater also requests that you wear a mask.

A two seat gap between groups will be enforced by the online ticketing. No one can buy a seat within two seats of you and your family.

Hammes says the theater will be operating at about 30% capacity to get into the swing of things, but people will have some incentive to visit the IMAX like the Summer Kids Series.

He also hopes the $5 deals for movies and concessions will give people more reason to come to a show.