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Indianapolis animal shelter crowded; needs more volunteers, foster families

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Animal Care Services is asking for more help from the public as it struggles with crowding.

In less than a week, the shelter took in more than 100 animals. That was after the shelter adopted out 121 animals and sent another 22 to their rescue partners.

IACS staff say they are exhausting all of their resources to get the animals adopted into foster homes or, in some cases, returned to their original owners. They’re worried that if they don’t get the necessary support, they’ll be forced to think about using euthanasia.

The shelter’s deputy director, Katie Trennepohl, expressed the urgency of the matter in a statement: “We don’t want to have to make these decisions. I am proud of all the work staff and volunteers are doing, but we can’t do it alone.”

Watch the interview with All Indiana’s Randall Newsome to see some of the pets up for adoption at IACS.

Click here if you’d like to adopt a pet and here if you’d like to become an animal care volunteer.


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