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Indy woman and cancer survivor to be honored by PGA Tour Champions Event

Indy woman to be honored by PGA Tour Champions Event

Indianapolis woman Leigh Anne Grubb is set to receive a well-deserved honor at the PGA Tour Championship Event, an occasion that brings together professional golfers and cancer survivors to raise awareness for this formidable disease.

Leigh Anne’s remarkable journey, as a cancer survivor herself, serves as a beacon of hope and resilience for countless individuals facing similar battles.

Her spirit and determination have not only allowed her to triumph over adversity but have also inspired many others along the way.

The PGA Tour Championship Event’s decision to recognize Leigh Anne Grubb underscores the profound impact that individuals like her can have in fostering awareness and unity within the fight against cancer.

Her story shows the power of overcoming difficult challenges and is a testament to Leigh Anne’s strength, and perseverance.