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Is This Anything? A micro handbag sells for thousands and Madonna postpones her tour

Our friends at WIBC, Hammer and Nigel, filled us in on a microscopic handbag that sold for a macroscopic amount, as well as Madonna’s postponement of her world tour due to illness.

A handbag smaller than a grain of salt sold at auction for a ridiculous price. Though the bag is barely visible to the eye, it sold for over 63 thousand dollars!

The microscopic, yellow-green handbag was created by MSCHF, The Brooklyn Arthouse, and was modeled after a Louis Vuitton design. MSCHF is known for their odd art projects that poke fun at capitalism.

Included with the bag was a microscope with a digital display just so the buyer can SEE the handbag! It can even fit through the eye of a needle!

Regardless of the message this bag meant to send, Hammer and Nigel would advise you to save your money.

Madonna is postponing her world tour after spending time in the Intensive Care unit.

The star’s lifetime manager took to social media yesterday to share the news. Madonna has reportedly been fighting a serious bacterial infection since last Saturday.

Despite the start of the ‘Celebration’ tour being pushed back, Madonna is steadily improving. They’re expecting a full recovery from the popstar, and rescheduling has already begun for July shows.