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Is This Anything? Fireworks injuries; Record WNBA crowd


Fireworks are a fun way to celebrate, but they can also be dangerous. Each year, thousands of people get hurt while using fireworks.

One of the problems is that sparklers can have faulty fuses, making them even more risky.

It’s important to be very careful when using any kind of fireworks to avoid injuries.

Record Crowd at WNBA Game in Las Vegas

In other news, a record crowd gathered to watch the WNBA game in Las Vegas. It was an exciting event with many fans showing up to support their favorite players. The All-Star team included stars like Clark, Boston, and Mitcgen, making the game even more exciting.

Hammer and Nigel Spill the Tea

We were joined by Hammer and Nigel, who shared more details and their thoughts on these news stories.

They talked about the dangers of fireworks and the excitement of the WNBA game. It was a lively discussion with lots of interesting insights. Tell us….IS THIS ANYTHING?

In summary, while fireworks can be enjoyable, they also pose risks that should not be ignored.

On a lighter note, the WNBA game in Las Vegas brought together a huge crowd, showing the growing popularity of women’s basketball.

Take a look at the full interview above to hear what Hammer and Nigel think about these trending topics!