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Fireworks on their way out; hot sauce prices heat up … Is This Anything?

Two things that make their way into any 4th of July celebration, fireworks and hot sauce, are in interesting positions this year. Many cities are replacing fireworks with drones, while the price of Sriracha is through the roof! Our friends at WIBC, Hammer & Nigel, answer the question … Is this anything?

You may see less fireworks in the sky this 4th of July…

Many cities across the United States are trading in fireworks for drones for their nighttime entertainment. Salt Lake City, UT and Boulder, CO are among the first to try out these electronic rather than pyrotechnic shows.

With wildfires creating poor air quality across the country, many are making the switch to be environmentally conscious. Not only do they create less pollution, but they’re reusable!

Other cities are following the trend, as drones minimize fire damage and are much quieter in the night sky. Drones also allow for more organized displays, as cartoon characters and cultural icons can be displayed overhead.

Though Indianapolis is sticking to the pyrotechnics this year, we may see more drones this time next year!

The famous hot sauce with the rooster on the bottle is seeing its prices rise exponentially.

Huy Fong Foods, the manufacturers of the famous Sriracha hot sauce, are citing a shortage of spicy chili peppers as the reason for the price jump.

If you try to find the sauce online, a 28 oz bottle will run you $70! Amazon is no better, where a pair of jars is selling for up to $124! A quick google search reveals that the small, 9oz bottles are selling for $15, and the standard 17oz bottle are going for $29!

The manufacturer has no idea when the supply will catch up with the demand, however they’re trying to put measures in place to avoid this in the future.