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Is This Anything? Kid rapper ‘safe and alive’ after death hoax and Dunkin Donuts to offer ‘spiked drinks’

In the world of social media influencers, a recent incident involving the notorious personality Lil Tay has stirred up significant attention. Following a disturbing death hoax, Lil Tay, known for her controversial online presence, is speaking out to debunk the false news. She asserts that she and her brother are indeed alive and safe. In a statement provided to TMZ, Lil Tay’s family expressed their distress over the situation, revealing that her Instagram account had been compromised by a third party. This unauthorized access resulted in the dissemination of shocking misinformation, to the extent that even her name was misrepresented as “Claire Hope.” Lil Tay, whose legal name is Tay Tian, conveyed the emotional toll the incident took on her and her family, describing it as a traumatizing 24 hours filled with heart-wrenching phone calls and attempts to rectify the situation. This incident highlights the vulnerability of social media personalities to digital breaches and the immense impact false information can have on their lives and loved ones.

In a surprising move, Dunkin’ Donuts, the well-known Massachusetts-based coffee and donut chain, is apparently jumping on the spiked drinks trend. Reports from USA Today reveal that Dunkin’ is gearing up to introduce a new line of boozy iced coffees and teas. Aptly named “Dunkin’ Spiked,” this line will offer patrons a different kind of buzz, featuring flavors such as original, caramel, mocha, and vanilla for their coffee selections, and slightly sweet, half and half, strawberry dragonfruit, and mango pineapple for the tea offerings. The alcoholic content of these spiked beverages will vary depending on the type: the coffee variants will contain six percent alcohol by volume, while the tea options will have five percent. However, there’s a catch—the availability of these boozy treats will be limited to locations where alcohol sales are permitted by law. Although an official release date has not been announced yet, Dunkin’ appears to be aiming to capitalize on the current popularity of spiked drinks and diversify its product offerings in an unexpected way.