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Is This Anything?: Lebron James considering retirement? IMS drivers choose milk preferences

After 20 years in the NBA, Lebron James has added to speculation that he could be retiring.

On today’s broadcasting of the hit radio show, “Hammer and Nigel,” the duo discussed the news surrounding Lebron James possibly turning in his jersey.

James added to this speculation after the Los Angles Lakers were swept by the Denver Nuggets Monday in the Western Conference Finals.

After the game, James told reporters, “We’ll see what happens going forward with the game of basketball. I’ve got a lot to think about.”

Despite the team’s elimination from the NBA playoffs, James’ game-four performance showed he could easily continue his career if he wanted to. The 38-year-old played all 48 minutes, scored 40 points, grabbed ten rebounds, and dished out nine assists.

Hammer and Nigel commented on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as drivers select their milk preferences.