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Is This Anything? Oppenheimer in IMAX and de-‘brie’ on I-30 West

A conversation with WIBC’s Hammer & Nigel always yields entertaining results. Though we only spoke to Nigel today, the conversation was comical! Oppenheimer looks to extend its residency in IMAX theaters, while Arkansas deals with the worst queso scenario on I-30 West. Let’s turn to Nigel and decide… Is this anything?

Nationwide, audiences will have more chances to see “Oppenheimer” on the biggest of screens.

Universal says that select theaters will extend showing Christopher Nolan’s epic on the father of the atomic bomb in IMAX 70-millimeter film through at least August 31st. Nolan has called the sharpness, clarity, and image depth of IMAX 70-millimeter “Unparalleled.”

As of right now, the IMAX Theatre at the Indiana State Museum is not listed as one of the theaters to carry the extended showing…

Don’t cry over spilled cheese… unless you were traveling on I-30 through Arkansas last Wednesday.

On August 2nd, a semi-truck carrying thousands of cans of nacho cheese tipped on I-30 West near Prescott, AR. The result was nacho average traffic jam…

Though many frustrated drivers got lost in the sauce, the internet couldn’t help but add cheesy commentary to the bright orange mess.