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IYSA: Empowering Indiana’s youth and communities

Mentorship has lasting positive impact on youth

Indiana Youth Services Association (IYSA) plays a pivotal role as a statewide association uniting Youth Service Bureaus (YSBs) throughout Indiana.

While its primary mission is to connect and support YSBs, IYSA also spearheads numerous programs that lend vital assistance to youth, youth workers, and nonprofit organizations.

With a membership comprising YSBs dedicated to delivering community-based juvenile delinquency and family support initiatives, IYSA’s 26 current members have a far-reaching impact, serving approximately 65 Hoosier counties.

These YSBs are at the forefront, offering trauma-informed programming that fosters positive youth development and resilience, making IYSA a hopeful place for Indiana’s youth and communities in need.

Learn more about their work on their website and social media channels: