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Kayla Sullivan describes parenting with all five senses

Kid-ing with Kayla — If anything is true in parenting, you should never underestimate a mother’s intuition. Kayla Sullivan claims she is pretty good at predicting mayhem from her toddler.

She said parents need to use all five senses to keep their children alive.

Hearing: If you suddenly stop hearing your child making noises, Kayla can confirm something is terribly wrong and you should investigate immediately.

Moving on to sight: If you see your toddler lugging a stool or something that could be used as a stool, take action as nothing good can come from that.

Don’t sleep on scent: Sources say smell may be one of the most important senses as young children are prone to bathroom accidents, leaving out sippy cups of milk and love eating chocolate. Since chocolate resembles other things on clothing and human, it’s important to smell those stains.

Also– parents are 99.9 percent more likely to burn food while cooking due to toddler distractions.

I think it’s a good time to discuss taste: Expect your child to not like the taste of anything nutritious. Authorities are working to determine why they only want to eat snacks all day. Taste also comes in handy to confirm that was, in fact, chocolate.

Last but certainly not least– touch: If your child is showing more affection than usual, that could mean they are up to no good or have been recently. Experts say enjoy it anyway because allegedly one day he’s not going to want to give mommy hugs and kisses anymore.

Kayla asked her followers to add any other signs that may be helpful, some of her favorites included hearing a door close, water running, whispering, shushing, a loud bang or crash sound, whenever your child’s sentence starts with “don’t be mad” and if you start to feel a sudden change in room temperature, they may have left a door open, the freezer or if it’s hot they could have started a fire. It’s dangerous being a parent!

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