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Kid-ing with Kayla: Fun at the FFA convention in Indy

National FFA Convention in Indy

Kid-ing with Kayla: Future Farmers of America (FFA) is breaking convention attendance records with more than 70,000 people at the event.

I had the pleasure of being one of them as I volunteered to work the Grit and Grace Scholarship and Leadership Academy booth on Thursday. I’m the Chapter Leader for Grit and Grace in Indiana.

At our booth, we had Professional Bull Riders Austin Gamblers Champion Ezekiel Mitchel doing meet and greets.

In my light-hearted social media report, I asked Mitchel how he learned to ride a bull. He replied, “YouTube.” I can confirm that’s actually true and he wasn’t being facetious! He said there are bull riding tutorials on the popular video website.


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The report begins live from a John Deere tractor where I make some “punny” jokes about the convention being a “ride” and showing video of fresh grown lettuce while saying the line “Lettuce explain.”

The satirical report goes on to describe convention goers as “corduroy covered children” because FFA students wear those iconic blue corduroy jackets. I explained how they are “plowing” toward success through leadership, personal growth and career training “combined”.

Next, I pointed out how Wrangler was able to wrangle a crowd to spin for a chance to win free denim. “Wheel he win?” I asked. “A perfect spin!”

I was also able to visit the Go Army booth where they had punching bag machines. Just before trying my hand at the activity, I said the US Army is teaching kids how to roll with the “punches”.

I ended the report by pointing out the “TOEtally” cool steel toe boots and FFA students line dancing. I joked that I hope their feet “Do Si Do’nt” smell after.

During All Indiana, we welcomed Molly Ball, President and Chief Marketing Officer of the National FFA Organization/Foundation. She explained how more and more people are joining the program from urban areas. Gone is the impression that rural farmers are the only ones who benefit or enjoy FFA.

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