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Kid-ing with Kayla: Home-Run humor from a viral baseball dad

Today’s ReelTok with Kayla has a bonus contributor…

Baseball Dad Mark Paul, @mpthreebaseball, found his footing on social media by posting relatable parenting content. Instead of covering the plights of day-to-day parenting, Mark gives us an insight into sports parenting. Specifically, the on-the-go lifestyle of a travel ball family.

From Mount Washington, Kentucky, Mark provides a look into travel baseball dad life. Classic parodies of obnoxious parents and hilarious coverage of on-field shenanigans are Mark’s specialty. Every video is a comedic home run! With over 350k followers across Instagram and TikTok, Mark hardly misses when he swings.

Mark has expanded his baseball humor into a retail space. With tees reading “It’s the bat’s fault” and his own MPThree Shades, this baseball dad is making the most of his time at bat.

With his charm and relatability, we don’t see Mark Paul striking out any time soon!