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Kid-ing with Kayla! Joke product for kids on TikTok

(WISH Photo)

No kid likes being in timeout. In fact, many kids try to sneak out of their punishment by employing their really sneaky stealth mode.

Kids, be wary! A TikTok parent created a fake product that could stop these timeout breakouts!

TikTok user @legbootlegit created a fake product entitled ‘My First Ankle Monitor’ by a knockoff brand Little Tykes. The gist is, you put the ankle monitor on your troublemaker, and you can track where they are or if they leave their timeout chair.

Many parents found this gadget hilarious! Others were not big fans…

Kayla and Cody are of the former, citing the clever brand name as a perfect analogy!

Parenting is tough, and timeouts are tougher, but we want to know, would you ever use this product if it were real?