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Kosmos and FanRoll among other vendors attending GenCon

(WISH Photo)

As the curtains rise on the much-anticipated event, GenCon, the excitement is palpable as our hosts sit down with the dynamic duo of gaming industry heavyweights. Court Sakmar, the marketing coordinator of Kosmos, and Neal Hoffman, the CEO of FanRoll, bring their passion and expertise to the table as they discuss what lies ahead for them as vendors. Kosmos, a renowned game publisher known for its captivating board games and immersive experiences, is gearing up to showcase its latest creations, promising an array of adventures that will transport players to distant worlds and thrilling quests. Meanwhile, FanRoll, a rising star in the realm of tabletop gaming accessories, is all set to unveil its innovative lineup of dice, gaming gear, and exclusive accessories designed to enhance the gaming experience. With a shared love for all things gaming and a commitment to delivering excellence, both Court and Neal are eager to engage with their loyal fans and newcomers alike, making GenCon a memorable affair for attendees.

As the convention floor bustles with eager gamers and enthusiasts, Court Sakmar and Neal Hoffman are brimming with anticipation for the unique opportunities GenCon brings. For Court, this event is a prime chance to connect directly with the gaming community, sharing the magic of Kosmos’ games and receiving invaluable feedback from players. The camaraderie and shared passion among attendees make GenCon an unparalleled setting to foster connections and ignite new friendships that revolve around the love for tabletop adventures. On the other hand, Neal is enthusiastic about showcasing FanRoll’s creative innovations that enhance the gaming experience. From their exclusive custom-designed dice sets to practical and stylish gaming accessories, FanRoll aims to cater to the diverse needs of gamers, and GenCon offers the perfect platform to introduce these exciting products to the world. Both vendors are excited to immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere, engage in collaborative play, and witness firsthand the joy their products bring to the faces of gamers old and new at this year’s GenCon!