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Local barber hosts free back-to-school giveaway

We are thrilled to welcome Jomo Cole, the proud owner of Jomo’s Prime Time Barbershop, located at 5050 E. 38th St Suite 3, Indianapolis, IN 46218, as our special guest today. Jomo joined us to discuss his upcoming back-to-school free haircuts giveaway, an initiative that highlights his dedication to the community.

With a commitment to supporting the youth and providing them with a fresh start for the new academic year, Jomo’s generosity is truly commendable. Additionally, we are honored to have Marion County prosecutor, Ryan Mears, in attendance, further emphasizing the importance of community engagement and collaboration in creating a positive impact. Together, they will undoubtedly shed light on the significance of giving back and making a difference in the lives of those they serve. Contact: (317) 493-1122