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Local hits hole-in-one with all ladies golf league

(WISH Photo)

We are thrilled to welcome Beth Berry, the visionary founder of the Geist Ladies Golf League, to our show today. With her passion for both golf and fostering a supportive community, Beth has embarked on an inspiring journey to create an all-ladies golf league that goes beyond the fairways. The Geist Ladies Golf League is a testament to her dedication and drive to provide a welcoming space for women of all skill levels to come together, connect, and enjoy the sport they love. As we engage in this conversation, we eagerly anticipate uncovering the story behind the league’s inception, its growth, and the empowering impact it has had on countless women golf enthusiasts.

During our conversation with Beth Berry, listeners are in for a treat as they learn about the unique journey she embarked upon in establishing the Geist Ladies Golf League. Beyond the technical aspects of the game, Berry’s league represents a testament to the power of forging connections and building a community of like-minded individuals. Her vision transcends the traditional notions of golf, focusing on camaraderie, empowerment, and the joy of pursuing a shared passion. With Beth’s insights, we will delve into the league’s structure, events, and its role in not only honing golfing skills but also in cultivating lifelong friendships. As we explore the dynamics of this one-of-a-kind initiative, it’s evident that Beth Berry’s Geist Ladies Golf League stands as a shining example of how sports can be a catalyst for personal growth and meaningful connections.