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Local production company brings history to life

Local production company brings history to life

Founder & CEO of the locally based film production company, Loving Life Productions LLC, LaKesha Lorene, and Pettiford Weaver family historian, Norma Johnson, joined us today to discuss a special event at this year’s Spirit & Place Festival.

The spotlight will shine on the documentary, “Rooted in Love, Lifted in Strength: The Pettiford-Weaver Story,” which chronicles the journey of the Pettiford-Weaver family as they strive to reclaim their historic land in Indiana, once home to one of the state’s pioneering Black settlements.

This heartwarming documentary also pays tribute to their rich heritage, as the family has participated in over 100 consecutive family reunions, creating a unique and enduring legacy that is both inspiring and emblematic of the Spirit & Place Festival’s themes of community, history, and resilience.

Don’t miss this chance to learn about their incredible story and the importance of preserving the past for future generations.