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Man takes on 200-mile running challenge to raise accountability and awareness for addiction

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — William Dougherty is running a race in the month of February and his finish line is marked at 200 miles. His mission is to raise awareness and accountability for people battling addiction.

The idea for the run started when Dougherty was trying to come up with ideas to raise money for the Progress House, a nonprofit organization helping recovering addicts. He’s seen the impact of the organization first hand while in his own battle with alcohol. He talked with All Indiana reporter Randall Newsome about why he chose the word “accountability” as his inspiration.

“Maintaining personal accountability is important because it allows you to reach your goals,” Dougherty said. “This is crucial when earning people’s trust. Earning trust is paramount whether it’s a boss at work, a teacher for a class you’re taking, or it could even be a foundation for a friend or family relationship.”

Feb. 28 is Dougherty’s deadline to meet his goal and it also happens to be his birthday.

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