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Mickey Mouse turns 95 and Amazon selling Hyundais soon…Is This Anything?

Mickey Mouse turns 95 and Amazon selling Hyundais

Tomorrow marks Mickey Mouse’s 95th birthday, and he’s certainly aging gracefully! The iconic Disney mascot will be celebrating this milestone on Saturday. On November 18th, 1928, Mickey Mouse made his debut in the short film “Steamboat Willie.” Interestingly, Mickey shares his birthday with his beloved Minnie, as she also made her debut in the same cartoon.

Over the years, Mickey Mouse has undergone some impressive style upgrades, including the addition of his signature big eyes, white gloves, and pert nose. Throughout his 95-year journey, Mickey Mouse has made a significant impact, even becoming the first cartoon character to speak and earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Curiously, his first words were “hot dogs!”

In other news, Amazon is set to expand its already extensive online offerings by including cars and SUVs in its inventory. As the holiday shopping season approaches, you’ll soon have the opportunity to purchase a Hyundai vehicle on the Amazon website. However, unlike typical Amazon deliveries, you won’t find your new car waiting at your front door. Instead, you’ll need to pick up your vehicle from a local dealership.

Amazon aims to create a seamless “buying a car online” experience, with Hyundai dealerships handling all vehicle servicing once the cars are sold. It’s worth noting that dealerships have the option to participate in the program or opt-out as they see fit.