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Mom decorates early to use Santa’s help longer

Kid-ing with Kayla: Before having a child, Kayla Sullivan said she would wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas but now, she puts out her tree and elf on the shelf early so her son behaves longer. It turns out, the warning “Santa is watching” is a very helpful parenting tool! Here’s her report on the topic.

In a poll on Kayla’s Instagram, Kayla asked parents if they also use the threat of Santa to get their kids to behave. 54 percent said yes, 27 percent said no and 19 percent said they don’t do the Santa threat in their home.

Many parents suggested a “Santa cam” or an “Elf on the Shelf” for help getting kids to behave this season.

Others said they keep this technique going throughout the year. One mother told Kayla she uses a leprechaun for the St. Patrick’s Day season, a bunny for Easter and a Back to School fairy to watch for “good behavior” in every season.

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