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Moon is older than thought; Blink-182 reunites for tour—Is this Anything?

Is this Anything? Moon’s age; Blink-182

Hammer and Nigel, the popular radio duo at WIBC, have set their sights on current events, addressing a newly-released study that challenges prior notions about the moon’s age and the recent reunion announcement from the iconic band Blink-182.

A fresh report has unveiled a significant revelation regarding the age of Earth’s moon. Researchers conducted a comprehensive analysis of rocks and lunar dust collected during the Apollo 17 mission in the 1970s. Their findings indicate that some of these samples date back an astonishing 4.46 billion years, which is approximately 40 million years older than the initial estimates provided by the scientific community. This pioneering research leveraged a novel technique known as Atom Probe Tomography, enabling a more precise examination of the lunar surface’s crystal samples.

On a completely different note, the news of Blink-182’s reunion is generating excitement among fans of the iconic pop-punk band. The original members of the group, including Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker, have come together to release their latest album, titled “One More Time.” This marks their first studio collaboration in a decade.

To celebrate their reunion and new album, Blink-182 is planning an extensive North American tour for the upcoming summer. The band intends to visit 30 cities across the United States and Canada, in addition to a few concerts in Australia. Ticket sales for these eagerly awaited performances are scheduled to commence on Friday, providing fans with the opportunity to catch the band live and celebrate their highly-anticipated reunion.