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Netflix founder to speak at education fundraiser

Exciting news awaits as Jasmin Shaheed-Young, the esteemed President and CEO of RISE INDY, takes the spotlight in today’s studio appearance. With a significant event on the horizon, Shaheed-Young is eager to share details about the highly anticipated fundraising luncheon, RISE TOGETHER for Excellence in Education, scheduled to take place this fall. As a local nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting education justice within Indianapolis schools, RISE INDY has been making a profound impact on the community. This upcoming event promises to be a remarkable opportunity for supporters to come together, contribute to a worthy cause, and make a difference in the lives of students. Additionally, the luncheon is set to welcome a distinguished guest speaker, none other than Reed Hastings, the renowned Founder and Executive Chairman of Netflix, adding an extra touch of excitement and inspiration to the occasion.

The involvement of Reed Hastings as a guest speaker at the RISE TOGETHER for Excellence in Education luncheon underscores the significance of RISE INDY’s mission and the valuable work they are doing within the Indianapolis education system. With his vast experience and profound understanding of the transformative power of education, Hastings is poised to deliver a compelling speech that will ignite passion and inspire attendees to take action. This event serves as a powerful platform to raise awareness about the critical need for education justice and to generate crucial funds to support RISE INDY’s ongoing initiatives. As Jasmin Shaheed-Young takes the stage today, audiences can expect to gain valuable insights into the luncheon’s vision, the impactful work of RISE INDY, and the incredible opportunity to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of students across Indianapolis.