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New burrito spot helping city’s high-risk adults re-enter the workforce

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — There’s something special cooking in the basement of the Brookside Community Church on the near east side of Indianapolis. It’s a new place to get a quick bite for breakfast and it’s putting a spotlight on the neighborhood.

The Brookside Burrito Company, which opened for business in April of 2021, is beginning to buzz around town. Manager Jennifer Wilkins says It’s not just the fresh ingredients in their burritos, it’s also the mission that’s being driven by the people working in the kitchen.

“I say all the time it’s never going to be about the burrito, it’s always going to be about the people,” Wilkins said. “We work with people coming out of homelessness, incarceration and chronic addiction and that’s primarily who I employ.”

As a person who’s overcome drug additction in her own life, she wants people to have help fighting their way out of similar circumstances.

“I know that sometimes you see somebody going through something and there’s a stigma attached to that and we just give up on as a society and kind of count them out and that’s never the case,” she said. “There’s always something deeper.”

That’s why their motto is “Great at burritos. Even better at believing in second chances.”

“Every time they buy a burrito or a juice or a cup of coffee they’re really buying into the idea that we don’t have to be held back by our barriers,” Wilkins said.

She believes word of mouth has been traveling fast in the Brookside neighborhood and on social media about their “grab-n-go” burritos.

“I think they like the burrito and then they find out what was behind that burrito, they’re like ‘man I love this, I got to have more of it’.”

As they continue to grow, she hopes they can provide a space for more people trying to get back on their feet.

“If you’re that person that needs that leg up, we’re here for you,” she said.

Brookside Burrito Co. is located at 1035 N. Olney Street in Indianapolis. It is available for curbside pick up from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays.

You can call in and order at (317) 947-4799 or online at