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Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer Dan Luzadder: A passion for reading and journalism

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer Dan Luzadder: A Passion for Reading and Journalism

Dan Luzadder, known for his career in American journalism, is now focusing on a project called “I Love to Read.”

With over 40 years of experience writing high-profile stories under tight deadlines, Luzadder has made a significant impact on newspapers and magazines.

As a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, he continues to explore the important role of journalism in American democracy.

Now an author and documentary filmmaker, Luzadder has two new books and is involved in a documentary about the Speedway murders.

Luzadder joined us to talk about one of his new books and his work on the documentary film.

His dedication to journalism and storytelling remains strong, inspiring many to understand and appreciate the value of reading and informed journalism.