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Recharging your mind and body through sleep

(WISH Photo) High-Performance Neuro Socio Psychologist, Dr. Conor Hogan.

In an eagerly awaited return, Dr. Conor reclaims the spotlight to unravel the age-old mystery surrounding the necessity of a full eight hours of sleep each night. With his profound expertise in sleep science and a knack for demystifying complex topics, Dr. Conor dives into the realm of sleep duration, shedding light on whether this widely touted recommendation holds true for everyone. Through a thoughtful analysis of individual variations, lifestyle factors, and emerging research, Dr. Conor endeavors to dispel common misconceptions and provide a nuanced perspective on the elusive concept of a good night’s rest. As listeners prepare to tune in, they can anticipate an enlightening exploration that challenges conventional wisdom and offers a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between sleep and overall well-being.