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Red Velvet Oreo returns and Jimmy Fallon’s apology…Is This Anything?

Red Velvet Oreo returns and Jimmy Fallon’s apology…Is This Anything?

In the latest episode of “This Anything,” our pals at WIBC, Hammer and Nigel, delve into two hot topics that have everyone buzzing.

First up, the much-anticipated return of the Red Velvet Oreo after a three-year hiatus. This fan-favorite treat is making a sweet comeback, featuring a delectable layer of cream cheese creme sandwiched between two red velvet-flavored cookies.

Oreo aficionados have been clamoring for its return since it vanished from shelves in 2020, and now their cravings will be satisfied once again.

But wait, it’s important to note that Red Velvet Oreo isn’t just your run-of-the-mill chocolate Oreo with a splash of food dye; it’s a delightful blend of chocolate and vanilla goodness.

In other news, the talk show titan Jimmy Fallon has issued a heartfelt apology to his staff in the wake of allegations of a challenging work environment on “The Tonight Show.”

Rolling Stone’s exposé featured accounts from 16 unnamed current and former employees who detailed the difficulties they faced, some of which were detrimental to their mental health.

Fallon expressed his commitment to making the show more fun and inclusive during a Zoom call with staff. As always, “Is This Anything” keeps you in the know about all the intriguing happenings around town and beyond!