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Reel Tok with Kayla – @FitDadCEO

On today’s Reel Tok with Kayla, we check in on @FitDadCEO ! This father, Dave Ogleton, shares hilarious and relatable parenting content that has earned him over 2 million followers across TikTok and Instagram!

The video featured today depicts Dave impersonating 90’s parents vs. today’s parents when their kid is sick.

When the school calls the 90’s dad saying his child has a fever, Dave suggests that they mix Ginger Ale and Robitussin and get them back to class! However, when the school calls today’s dad over a half-cough, Dave drops everything to pick up the ‘sick’ kid.

This prompted Alexis and Cody to dive into what happened when they would go to the nurse at school. Turns out, they had very opposing childhoods.

Cody’s mom worked in the front office, so there were no nurse visits for him. Mom always sent him back to class. Alexis’ dad was the complete opposite because if she went to the office, her dad knew she was sick. However, once she got older, her dad would bust her out of school! Her mom was the opposite, saying, “Put her on the phone…”

What type of parents did you have?