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‘Remembering Our Fallen’ exhibit goes on display to honor Hoosier heroes on Veterans Day

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An exhibit dedicated to remembering veterans from Indiana who died in war zones since 2001 is now on display. The “Remembering Our Fallen” from Indiana display at Easterseals Crossroads was created so people never forget the faces of the heroes who gave their lives for freedom.

The idea was sparked by a family that created a memorial for a son they lost in Iraq and it became a movement that went nationwide. Local business, Redux, came on with the nonprofit as a partner to make the exhibit happen in Indiana.

“Just showing that these invididuals are remembered, especially by us, is just fantastic,” said John Goings, lead veteran and career coach at Easterseals Crossroads. The display shows images of the soldiers, in and out of uniform, provided by their families and friends. It also features hand-written and heart-felt notes from people close to them.

Goings says every year he’s captured by the image of Jeanette Winters, the first Indiana casualty in the War on Terror. She was the first story he learned about before taking the project over. He says when the exhibit travels, the pictures, combined with fresh notes from families and friends, are what make the exhibit have an impact on people.

“We put it up and we’ll leave it for a few days and then we take it down and when we come back there’s a new note on there from somebody who knew somebody on [the exhibit],” he said. “The last time I put it up in fact, Jeanette got a new note. It’s always heartbreaking, but it’s also heartwarming that people get a chance to see their loved one or their friend again.”

Goings says he wants the loved ones of their fallen soldiers from Indiana to know one thing.

“We remember,” he said. “We always remember and take pride.”

Once COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed, the exhibit will hit the road again for people to view across the state. Click here for more on Easterseals Crossroads and their efforts to help people with disabilities.

Easterseals Veteran Services:

  • personal career coaching
  • assistance with resume development
  • opportunities to network
  • assistance with job searches
  • weekly job club with employment-related topics


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