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Rolling Stones to release 1st album since 2005 and U.S. chicken wing-eating championship…Is This Anything?

The U.S. Chicken Wing Eating Championship saw an unexpected victor from the land down under! James Webb, the Australian Wing Eating King, claimed the coveted top prize after an impressive performance. Webb devoured a staggering 276 succulent chicken wings in a mere 12 minutes, leaving even the legendary hot dog king, Joey Chestnut, in the dust. James Webb himself couldn’t believe his triumph, stating, “If you told me this yesterday, I would have laughed in your face. I’m so shocked right now. I’m grateful.” The competition was truly finger-lickin’ good, and Webb’s victory has left the world in awe of his wing-eating prowess.

So tell us…Is This Anything? Our friends WIBC, Hammer and Nigel, will dive into the thrilling world of competitive eating, dissecting the jaw-dropping U.S. Chicken Wing Eating Championship and much more. In other news, word on the streets says the Rolling Stones are set to release their very first album since the early 2000s. This is definitely something! Stay tuned as Hammer and Nigel bring their signature humor and insight addressing these two trending topics!