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Salvation Army launches Rescue Christmas campaign early amid COVID-19 pandemic

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The coronavirus pandemic has the Salvation Army concerned about Christmas relief, and they’re asking earlier than usual for the community’s help.

For the first time in its 130-year history, the Salvation Army is starting to raise money early by launching the Rescue Christmas campaign. The organization says they could be looking to help up to 155% more people this year than in 2019. The Salvation Army raises most of its money through those iconic red kettles in front of stores. They are concerned fewer people visiting stores during the pandemic could mean fewer donations.

“Our traditional ways of raising money aren’t going to be the same or perhaps have the same result,” said Maj. Marc Johnson, the Indiana divisional commander. “So, we wanted to share with people to prepare for Christmas, to help the Salvation Army, get in front of people ways that they can connect with us this time of year.”

Johnson says the impact of the pandemic has also left the organization in need of more volunteers to meet the needs of people during this holiday season.

Go online to donate or become a volunteer with the “Rescue Christmas” campaign.