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Should chocolate milk be banned from schools? Taco Bell wants to cancel ‘Taco Tuesday’

Chances are, you’ve heard the phrase “Taco Tuesday.” It’s a guaranteed excuse for a mid-week fiesta. But did you know it’s a trademarked slogan?

The fast-food chain Taco Bell is trying to repeal the trademark imposed by Taco John’s back in 1989. Taco John’s has been sending cease and desist letters to restaurants that use the phrase for years, but the fast-food chain argues that nobody should have full rights to a phrase.

Taco Bell is filing a petition with the patent and trademark office to have the trademark on the universal phrase removed. However, the process of appealing the trademark can take up to two years.

Should chocolate milk be banned from school cafeterias? What is the right ‘moo-ve’ in the lunchroom?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is considering the removal of the drink due to the added sugars present in flavored milk.

The argument for the removal of chocolate milk states that added sugars are a contributing factor in child obesity rates. While those opposed feel that removing the beverage will lead to students drinking less milk, resulting in lower calcium and nutrient levels in children.

The USDA plans to make a final decision at the beginning of next year, and their decision will impact nearly 30 million students in elementary and middle schools across the nation.