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Singer Toni Braxton shares her journey with lupus

Living with lupus for the past 15 years, singer, songwriter, actress, producer, and entrepreneur Toni Braxton understands the discomfort and challenges that come with managing the disease.

Braxton shared her personal journey living with lupus with News 8’s Cody Adams. She discussed how it has affected her life both personally and professionally, and why she is speaking out about kidney health now.

One of the key aspects of her health that she focuses on is kidney health, particularly in relation to lupus nephritis, a serious complication of lupus that can lead to kidney damage or failure.

Now, Braxton is using her platform to empower individuals with lupus and lupus nephritis to prioritize their kidney health by regularly visiting their doctors for routine testing.

Braxton is part of the Get Uncomfortable campaign (, which aims to educate and empower those with lupus nephritis, especially women of color who are disproportionately affected.

The campaign emphasizes the importance of making kidney health a top priority. Individuals with lupus nephritis face a threefold higher risk of death compared to those with lupus but without kidney involvement.

Braxton acknowledges that routine testing, such as urine analysis and blood work, can be uncomfortable however, she emphasizes that these discomforts are minor compared to the potential consequences of kidney failure or the need for dialysis.

By undergoing regular tests and staying proactive about kidney health, individuals with lupus nephritis can reduce the risk of serious complications.

Lupus nephritis is a common manifestation of lupus, affecting around one-third of individuals diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). It can lead to irreversible kidney damage and complications like heart attacks or strokes.

The risk of death is significantly higher for those with lupus nephritis compared to those without kidney involvement. Disparities exist, with Black, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American individuals having a higher likelihood of developing lupus nephritis and experiencing poorer outcomes.

Toni Braxton’s advocacy and the Get Uncomfortable campaign play a crucial role in raising awareness about lupus nephritis and promoting the importance of kidney health for individuals living with lupus.