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Sir Rod Stewart leaving rock ‘n’ roll, deputy pulling over an Orlando officer—Is This Anything?

On today’s “Is This Anything?” Hammer and Nigel discussed new trending topics circulating in the media.

Famously known as a rock legend, Sir Rod Stewart is officially leaving the rock scene and switching to jazz music.

The 78-year-old stated in an interview with BBC Breakfast, “I just want to leave all the rock ‘n’ roll stuff behind, for a while, maybe. Everything has to come to an end sooner or later.” Stewart announced the news before his summer tour with Boy George.

In Seminole County, Florida, an Orlando police officer was pulled over for speeding by the Seminole County Sheriff. Body camera footage showed the Orlando police officer refusing to hand his driver’s license and driving off.

The Orlando Police Department is currently investigating the incident.

Tune in to Hammer and Nigel to hear if these topics are anything!