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Super Bowl betting takes a big swing; Uber Eats ad draws backlash

Super Bowl betting takes a big swing; Uber Eats Super Bowl ad draws backlash

Following the airing of Uber Eats’ Super Bowl commercial, the company finds itself in controversy.

The advertisement, featuring an array of celebrities, has drawn criticism for its portrayal of food allergies in a humorous light. In one scene, a man consumes peanut butter without considering its ingredients, resulting in a visible allergic reaction.

This depiction has sparked a backlash from organizations such as the Food Allergy & Research Education Organization, which condemns the commercial for trivializing a serious health issue affecting millions of Americans.

With 33 million individuals in the United States alone suffering from food allergies, the organization emphasizes the gravity of the condition and expresses disappointment in Uber Eats’ approach to the subject matter.