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Taco showdown: Cody vs. Kayla in epic taco building battle

Celebrating National Taco Day!

National Taco Day is about to get a whole lot spicier as Cody and Kayla prepare to face off in an electrifying taco-building competition.

The heat is on, and Nathan Elliot from Agave and Rye is ready to don the judge’s hat and crown the ultimate taco champion.

Meanwhile, Nathan will also divulge the secrets to the most mouthwatering taco and margarita pairings, ensuring that this celebration of all things taco reaches new heights of deliciousness.

It’s a flavor-packed fiesta you won’t want to miss! WISH-TV’s Lifestyle Digital Content Producer Divine Triplett joined in on the fun.

She made the final decision on who was the ultimate taco-making champion.

Are you team Kayla or team Cody? Take a look above to see who won this contest!