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Tasty Takeout: Hotel Tango

Get ready for a delectable treat with “Tasty Takeout”! In this exciting segment, mixologist Kati Larson from Hotel Tango takes the stage, ready to showcase her pride drink creation called “Hotel Tango For All.”

Crafted exclusively for the month of June, this special drink aims to support the Modern Military Association of America through fundraising efforts.

To create this tantalizing concoction, Kati combines the vibrant flavors of Hotel Tango Pride Vodka, luscious strawberries, a touch of lychee simplicity, and a splash of fresh lime juice.

The result is a refreshing and captivating beverage that perfectly embodies the spirit of pride and unity. So, pull up a chair, join the hosts, and savor the delightful “Hotel Tango For All” while supporting a great cause.