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Tasty Takeout: Londo’s Flameade

Get ready to quench your thirst with Tasty Takeout’s latest discovery: Londo’s Flameade!

With temperatures on the rise, this refreshing segment couldn’t have come at a better time.

Join Londo Hall, accompanied by the dynamic duo of Eileen Gray (Londo’s incredible mother-in-law) and Ilene Gray (Londo’s awesome mom), as they embark on a tantalizing adventure of flavors.

Brace yourself for a symphony of tangy and sweet, as Londo’s Flameade ignites your taste buds with its tantalizing blend.

Get your summer vibes on and sip away the heat with this fizzy and fabulous creation. It’s time to raise a glass and let the fiery flavors of Londo’s Flameade spark up your day!