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Tasty Takeout: Metro Diner

Tasty Takeout: Metro Diner Stuff ‘N Waffles

Metro Diner, represented by Jeff Smith, is set to introduce a delectable array of dishes on their menu. Among the offerings, the standout item is the Stuff ‘N Waffle series, featuring savory combinations.

The Sausage & Gravy Chicken Tenders Stuff ‘N Waffle comprises two chicken tenders, marinated in buttermilk and fried to perfection, crowned with sausage gravy atop a homemade waffle pressed from cornbread stuffing. Complementing this indulgent meal is a side of sweet and spicy sauce, adding a flavorful twist to the dish.

Another enticing option in this lineup is the Stuff ‘N Waffle with Turkey. This dish boasts oven-roasted turkey breast generously topped with savory gravy, served over creamy mashed potatoes, all placed on a homemade stuffing waffle. Accompanying this flavorful ensemble is a side of cranberry sauce, offering a sweet-tart contrast to the rich components.

Completing the trio is the Stuff ‘N Waffle with Ham. This rendition features baked ham, adorned with a sweet citrus glaze, laid over a bed of creamy mashed potatoes and gravy atop the signature cornbread stuffing waffle. The fusion of sweet and savory flavors in this dish aims to tantalize taste buds.

Metro Diner’s latest offerings cater to those seeking a unique and savory takeout experience. With inventive combinations and a melding of comforting flavors, these dishes are poised to entice patrons looking for a satisfying and indulgent dining experience in the comfort of their homes.