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Tasty Takeout: Small Batch Soups by Soupremacy

Small Batch Soups by Supremacy

Small Batch Soups by Soupremacy owner Danielle Cooney is in with family meal deals, a frozen soup order, hot soups, salads, and paninis. Small Batch Soups is a small local soup shop that creates delicious and healthy soups. One is able to order fresh hot gourmet soups ready to eat or batches of frozen soup for future dinner plans.

Cooney started this business back in 2014 because it was very difficult to find a fast and delicious healthy soup that did not come from a chain restaurant or frozen bag. At Small Batch Soups, all soups are made from fresh all natural ingredients.

Small Batch Soups carries daily soups that are their most popular in demand soups including Tomato Bisque, Famous Chili, Buffalo Chicken, Chicken Noodle and many more. They also feature rotating soups that are rotated around each week and throughout the season like Gumbo, Thai Coconut, Split Pea, and Spinach Piquant. Since seasonal ingredients are limited these soups are only made in small batches and only last a day or two before selling out. Small Batch also offers dietary compliance soups from gluten free, vegan and vegetarian soups.

Aside from fresh soup Small Batch Soups offers Frozen Delivery, what sounds better than soup to your door? They deliver pints, quarts, half gallons, and gallons of your favorite soup straight to your door with a no contact delivery system.

Have a big party or event? Small Batch Soups has you covered by offering catering. You can order from 5-500 soups at a time. Catering also includes sandwiches and salads.

Small Batch Soups offers a variety of flavorful and healthy food. On top of their soups they offer breakfast including omelets, biscuits, bagels, yogurt, and oatmeal. Tasty salads including Chicken Caesar, Santorini Spring, and Endless Summer. Paninis include The Dirty Swede made with onions caramelized in pepper and garlic, The Famous John Stamos made with feta, mozzarella, peppers, and Kalamata olive tapenade, and the Buffalo Nickle made with chicken, buffalo sauce, and red onion cheddar cheese, and many more panni’s are offered daily.

To find out more about Small Batch Soups or to create an order now, you can visit their website here.