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Teen denied diploma for dancing on stage, United Kingdom “drinkflation”: Is This Anything?

“She stole that moment from me. I will never get that again.” These are words from 17-year-old Hafsah Abdur-Rahman when discussing how her principal denied her from receiving her diploma at her high school graduation.

Leading up to her school’s graduation on June 9th, Abdur-Rahman’s principal warned the graduating class that their families could not clap or cheer when they walked across the stage.

“I understood the rules. So I was telling in the video, I’m like, do not say nothing because I want my diploma. I knew and understood what we were supposed to do in this video.” Abdur-Rahman said.

In the viral video, Abdur-Rahman celebrates her excitement by dancing across the stage. The crowd then laughs because her principal then states that she can not receive her diploma.

“If they thought that I shouldn’t do the griddy across the stage. And the girl’s high traditions, nobody should have been able to wave or blow kisses or do period signs because I feel like that’s the same thing. So I just thought it was really unfair.” She said.

After the video went viral, The School District of Philadelphia put out a statement saying, “The district does not condone the withholding of earned diplomas based on family members cheering for their graduates. We apologize to all the families and graduates who were impacted and are further looking into this matter to avoid it happening in the future.”

Many have heard of “shrinkflation,” where brands sell smaller or fewer product sizes for the same price. Now the “inflation” is coming to life.

In the United Kingdom, a few breweries have cut the alcohol content of popular beers.

In an article by The Mail On Sunday, some brewers kept the size of their bottles and cans the same. The amount of fluid is the same. However, the ABV (alcohol by volume) has been cut.

Many popular UK brewers have cut their abv’s from a whole percent.

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