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The Performing Arts Conservatory nurtures youth through arts

Local performing arts organization reaching youth

The Performing Arts Conservatory, Inc. (TPAC) focuses on reaching youth in the community through its after-school program targeting students in grades 6-12. The program aims to foster growth in dance, drama, and music while addressing the whole child—mind, body, and emotions.

In an era where budget cuts are leading schools to reduce or eliminate performing arts programs, TPAC seeks to fill the gap and provide these critical opportunities. Research supports that studying the performing arts enhances learning in other subjects, such as math and English/language arts. TPAC leaders believe this will contribute to the overall success of their students.

The conservatory is preparing for its Annual Showcase titled “How Did We Get Here?” The event will highlight the progress and skills students have developed throughout the season. The showcase promises to be an impressive display of talent and hard work.

The event will also feature original pieces by the students, revealing their thoughts and challenges on contemporary issues such as friendships, expectations, body image, and declining self-respect.

TPAC’s mission extends beyond performance skills. The organization strives to support the overall development of its participants, preparing them for future success both in and out of the arts.

The Annual Showcase will be a testament to the dedication and talent of the TPAC students and staff. The community is invited to attend and witness the culmination of the students’ hard work and growth.

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