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The queen of storytelling: Meet Ardre Ordie

The queen of storytelling: Meet Ardre Ordie

Ardre Orie, a well-known celebrity memoirist and screenwriter, embarked on her career as an author when she was just 10 years old, sharing the stories of women within her local community.

She has authored books such as “Consciously Beautiful: I Am Enough” (2014), “A Heroine in Heels” (2015), and “The Art of Storytelling” (2016).

Additionally, Orie has taken on roles as a writer and director for theatrical productions like “Lipstick Monologues” and “The Heart of a Man,” and she has also directed the documentary “I Am Consciously Beautiful.”

Through her work, Ardre Orie not only explores life’s experiences but also critically examines the impact of mainstream media and societal norms on our journeys and self-esteem.

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